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Online video capabilities are now available on

Video Vista and have teamed up to provide high quality short video footage of holiday accommodation listings - to make it even easier to find your perfect holiday accommodation with the new TakeALook service.

Put yourself in the visitor's shoes: Have you ever tried to work out exactly which property to want to stay at for a romantic weekend away, or the annual trip with the kids? Now you can view a video of the accommodation, which makes it easier to be sure you find the perfect place for your needs. 

TV commercials have the same power, whether they are on television or on the Internet, and on the Internet they can more precisely target their audience.

With the uptake of broadband and new technologies in video compression, the use of video on the Internet is now a reality even at the consumer level. Video Vista uses the latest High Definition video cameras (HD), which produce a video of higher quality than DVD, and combine it with the worlds best video compression technology to get the very best results for the internet. You get a full screen television style video for the Internet. No more jerky, low resolution, credit card sized videos.

The idea of using video on is for potential guests to really be able to see accommodation options in advance, and according to the American Online Publishers Association, 86% of people clicking on a video link will watch the entire video.
"We are excited to be working with Video Vista to bring video to our visitors, and think it will make a big impact on the holiday accommodation space" says General Manager, Craig Davis. "Adding video to websites is traditionally too slow, but now it's easy for anyone with a broadband connection to view quality video of holiday accommodation options." and Video Vista are working to bring as many operators online with the new technology as soon as possible, a demonstration of how the technology works on the is available at, or you can view a sample video here for Grass Trees Escape , here for Windradyne Bed and Breakfast or click on the following link to find out more:

If for some reason when you click on the link to view the video it does not work or gives you an error, you should click on the button that says 'if you would like to choose your own bandwidth manually click here' section directly under the PLAY button and select the 'low' or 'dial-up' speed and you should be able to get this to work.  

Prices start from $599 so register your interest today, before your competitors do...
If you have any questions about the above opportunity or would like information sent to you by post, please contact us on

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